Thursday, March 28, 2013

Charlotte Outdoor Lighting: Function Intersects With Aesthetics

Did you know that an outdoor lighting system does more than just make your house the best looking one on the block? Charlotte homeowners are often surprised to learn that an outdoor lighting system is more than simply a cosmetic procedure and that it's also a means to expand the usability of your home.

Irrigation & Lighting Specialist's outdoor lighting is a great way to highlight your home!With outdoor lighting, more can be accomplished even after it's dark outside.  Pressure to get jobs done around your home during the daylight is eased after the installation of an outdoor lighting system. Our customers appreciate the intersection of function and aesthetics our lighting systems provide.

"Outdoor lighting provides the perfect intersection of function and aesthetics," says John Minor of Irrigation & Lighting Specialist. "It's a beautiful way of manipulating light to enhance a home's appearance, while also increasing it's usability." 

Additional Benefits of Charlotte Outdoor Lighting

Here's a few additional benefits our outdoor lighting systems can provide:

1.     Increase security - one of the leading benefits of outdoor lighting is that illuminating more of your home makes it much less prone to break-ins or intruders.

2.    Increase usability of outdoor spaces - lighting systems converts spaces on your property that kept you away with darkness.

3.    Assist guests in identifying your home - a signature outdoor lighting system makes your home an iconic representation of you for your guests to easily recognize when searching for your home.

4.    Simple home improvement - our outdoor lighting systems are a simple way to make a huge difference in your home's aesthetic appeal.

5.    Bring landscaping to life at night - a great time to showcase landscaping is at night, when light can be used to focus on specific displays.

With more outdoor lighting, your home and your family are less likely to have any encounters with intruders or burglars.
"Outdoor lighting is a great place to start when thinking about enhancing your home's appearance," says Minor. "For a limited time customers can add outdoor landscaping and accent lighting at off-season, low prices!" 

Beat the spring rush by calling today and scheduling a free outdoor lighting system consulation, call John Minor of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 877-433-5833 or email John. We look forward to helping you shed some light on how to get even more out of your home! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hassle-Free Lawn Care In Charlotte: Residential Irrigation Systems

Irrigation & Lighting Specialist offer great residential irrigation systems that relieve homeowners of strenuous lawn upkeep tasks.

Digging channels, purchasing irrigation equipment, situating hosing networks, seeding all areas of the lawn. It’s a lot to ask of anyone who has a busy schedule normally. Charlotte homeowners can escape these labors and time investments with Lighting & Irrigation Specialist’s Residential Irrigation Systems. Our services will remove the hassles associated with irrigating a homeowner’s lawn and reward them with free time, and peace of mind that their lawn will be more aesthetically pleasing than ever before.

We provide, install and monitor a full service, beginning to end, residential irrigation system for you. That is, a completely programmed, independently operating irrigation system to maintain your lawn’s hydration schedule. We want to highlight this service to our customers because we really believe it can spare them from daunting hours of labor, and allow them to instead spend more time doing what they really enjoy.

“Charlotte homeowners can release things like the time investment and physical labor required to ensure all equipment is functioning properly,” says John Minor of Irrigation & Lighting Specialist. “Our customers can relax while we come in and network a residential irrigation system that maintains peak performance levels when you need it to perform.”

Our crew is highly skilled in the design, installation and maintenance of lawn irrigation systems.

System Maintenance

Here are a few tasks that our irrigation professionals perform for your system:
  •  Replacing moving heads for better performance.
  • Replacing shrub heads with drip irrigation to save water and meet “water restrictions” rules.
  • Adding new heads, zones and reworking existing zones for proper coverage, sometimes to accommodate new landscaping, construction or simply to expand the system.
  • Possibly upgrading your system to a Water Save I or II to make it more water usage efficient. 

Residential irrigation systems include a computerized irrigation maintenance department for servicing schedules.Other benefits of our irrigation services that allow customers to do more at less of a hassle, include maintenance on existing systems in your lawn, repairing any damages due to system aging, and upgrades to premiere irrigation technology. We want to do as much as we can to make sure you never have to divert any attention to the irrigation of your yard, unless it’s to enjoy it.

The benefits to homeowners don’t end there. To further the peace of mind, we want our customers to have with their hassle-free irrigation system, we have a residential irrigation maintenance and service department which includes a full-time computerized department.

Our computerized office examines servicing schedules, our own crew, as well as construction management to handle new installations and warranty services.  What our team doesn’t catch, our service department will. Go for a run, catch the game on TV, or grab the kids and go see a movie, because you won’t have to worry about being out in the yard irrigating, replacing or monitoring anything. 

We have incorporated every phase of lawn irrigation so that you can enjoy more and work less. To learn more about our residentialirrigation system services or to schedule a free consultation, call John Minor of Irrigation & Lighting Specialist at 877-433-5833 or email John. We look forward to designing the lawn that will really accentuate your house, at less of a hassle to you!   

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Charlotte Outdoor Lighting: Illuminate Your Home's Monthly Savings

Irrigation & Lighting Specialist's Go Green Lighting is an excellent cost effective way to spotlight more of your home!Outdoor Lighting spaces of any size is a tricky task. Fixture angles, watt intensities, lighting patterns and power sources, can be a lot for any busy homeowner to keep in mind. Your outdoor space's design and decoration are visual renderings of you. When the nighttime arrives they deserve to be illuminated and brought to life. Unfortunately, accentuating your home with the perfect outdoor lightscape sometimes comes at a high monthly cost for Charlotte homeowners. We combat the high cost of lighting outdoor spaces with Irrigation & Lighting Specialist's Go Green Lighting system.

Irrigation & Lighting Specialist Go Green Lighting Systems

Go Green Lighting replaces conventional lighting products with the use of LED bulbs. These have an extremely long life, and require much less supervision. For example, an average six-watt LED bulb’s lifespan is 60,000 hours (about 20 years). How’s that sound for longevity?

This lighting system also alleviates you from the irritating chore of dragging the ladders out and scaling the side of your home to replace bulbs frequently while significantly reducing monthly lighting costs.

“Go Green Lighting rewards customers financially and environmentally,” states John Minor of Irrigation & Lighting Specialist. “Homeowners are saving substantial amounts on their monthly lighting costs, while working towards a more environmentally friendly future.”

Advantages of Go Green Lighting

Here are a few ways switching to our Go Green Lighting system can benefit the outdoor presence of your home:
  • Safe – bulbs do not get as hot at normal light bulbs.
  • Energy efficient – can reduce energy consumption by 80-90%.
  • Low voltage - use around one tenth of available energy.
  • Disposable – Compared to lights like fluorescents for example, LED bulbs do not contain environmentally harmful agents like mercury and can be recycled normally.                         

Outdoor Areas for Go Green Lighting

Below are spaces Go Green Lighting can be installed:
  • Exterior walls 
  • Decks
  • Steps
  • Underwater
Highlight your Charlotte home with the right types of outdoor lights all offered by Irrigation & Lighting Specialist. Along with saving you money every month, retrofitting your outdoors with Go Green Lighting helps add that eye-popping, attention-commanding specificity that sets your home apart from others. Each of our lighting systems are different and shed that special shade of outdoor light that embodies the vision you have for you home.

"The goal is to have your ideal amount of outdoor lighting, at an affordable cost, and with as little maintenance as possible," says Minor. "With a Go Green Lighting system, this is now all possible!"

Charlotte homeowners can look forward to saving around 90% on lighting and electrical expenses! 

We look forward to retrofitting your outdoor areas with Irrigation &Lighting Specialist’s Go Green Lighting system. To learn more about our outdoor lighting services or to schedule a consultation, please call John Minor at 877-433-5833 or email John. We look forward to providing your home’s outdoor areas with an impressive, more cost effective lighting scene!  

Friday, March 1, 2013

pH Testing: Vital for Your Spring Start Ups

Charlotte Spring Irrigation Start Ups 877-433-5833
Lawns are the main ingredient of a home’s outdoor flavor. Under the sun, vibrant shades of green and soft-to-the-touch blades of grass sway around Charlotte homes every summer. To ensure your lawn reaches this level of aesthetic comfort, it’s vital that you complete a pH test prior to the installation of this season’s spring start up irrigation system.

Testing the soil determines whether your lawn can obtain proper levels of nutrients for optimal growth or not. For example, before we design an irrigation system for a client, this test is completed to determine what seed system to use, how much watering will be required, if spreading any lime is necessary, and the potential for fertilizer and/or herbicide consumption.

What pH Levels Mean

The scale of pH ranges from 1 to 14. A measurement of 7 is neutral, meaning the soil is stable and ready for seeding. Final readings any higher or lower than 7 denote excessive levels of alkaline or acidity. They are the foremost adversaries of exceptional grass growth more commonly referred to as “sweet” or “sour.” Presence of either and your lawn's output will suffer.

 “Too much of either and the lawn’s yield will be poor,” says John Minor of Irrigation & Lighting Specialist. “Depending on the test’s outcome, lime may also need to be applied in small, medium or large amounts.”

Benefits of pH Testing

Below are the main advantages of pH testing your lawn:

·      Identify and resolve soil problems prior to seeding your lawn
·      Supervise nutrient levels
·      Select the correct type of grass for your lawn
·      Figure out what key compounds are missing from your soil

Most home improvement stores sell test kits. They will guide you through the evaluation, and after a few steps provide you with an immediate analysis of your soil’s pH.

How to Test Your Lawn's pH Levels

Once you’ve obtained a test kit, here is how to conduct a pH test:

  1. Dig a 2-4 inch hole
  2. Fill hole with water
  3. Insert test kit’s probe into mud mixture
  4. Allow prove to read mud sample (60 seconds)
  5. Sample multiple areas of the lawn

After these few easy steps are complete you can leave the rest of your spring start up needs to us. With the yard tested prior to our arrival, we will better be able to access your lawn. Since we take our irrigation system designs on a case-by-case basis, we want to be able to custom fit your lawn with a watering network that work best for the type of soil you have.  

“Think of pH testing as a yearly physical for your yard,” explains Minor. “Before the expectation of performance growth, you must determine if your yard is up for the challenge first.”

Doing so avoids an unnecessary hole in your wallet and avoids a headache later on in the spring and summer season.

If you would like to learn more about pH testing and its importance in the spring start up process, please call John Minor at 877-433-5833 or email John. What a relaxing pleasure it is knowing ahead of time that your lawn is going to produce this spring. We are here to provide you with that reassurance, and look forward to setting up your lawn for  success!