Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hassle-Free Lawn Care In Charlotte: Residential Irrigation Systems

Irrigation & Lighting Specialist offer great residential irrigation systems that relieve homeowners of strenuous lawn upkeep tasks.

Digging channels, purchasing irrigation equipment, situating hosing networks, seeding all areas of the lawn. It’s a lot to ask of anyone who has a busy schedule normally. Charlotte homeowners can escape these labors and time investments with Lighting & Irrigation Specialist’s Residential Irrigation Systems. Our services will remove the hassles associated with irrigating a homeowner’s lawn and reward them with free time, and peace of mind that their lawn will be more aesthetically pleasing than ever before.

We provide, install and monitor a full service, beginning to end, residential irrigation system for you. That is, a completely programmed, independently operating irrigation system to maintain your lawn’s hydration schedule. We want to highlight this service to our customers because we really believe it can spare them from daunting hours of labor, and allow them to instead spend more time doing what they really enjoy.

“Charlotte homeowners can release things like the time investment and physical labor required to ensure all equipment is functioning properly,” says John Minor of Irrigation & Lighting Specialist. “Our customers can relax while we come in and network a residential irrigation system that maintains peak performance levels when you need it to perform.”

Our crew is highly skilled in the design, installation and maintenance of lawn irrigation systems.

System Maintenance

Here are a few tasks that our irrigation professionals perform for your system:
  •  Replacing moving heads for better performance.
  • Replacing shrub heads with drip irrigation to save water and meet “water restrictions” rules.
  • Adding new heads, zones and reworking existing zones for proper coverage, sometimes to accommodate new landscaping, construction or simply to expand the system.
  • Possibly upgrading your system to a Water Save I or II to make it more water usage efficient. 

Residential irrigation systems include a computerized irrigation maintenance department for servicing schedules.Other benefits of our irrigation services that allow customers to do more at less of a hassle, include maintenance on existing systems in your lawn, repairing any damages due to system aging, and upgrades to premiere irrigation technology. We want to do as much as we can to make sure you never have to divert any attention to the irrigation of your yard, unless it’s to enjoy it.

The benefits to homeowners don’t end there. To further the peace of mind, we want our customers to have with their hassle-free irrigation system, we have a residential irrigation maintenance and service department which includes a full-time computerized department.

Our computerized office examines servicing schedules, our own crew, as well as construction management to handle new installations and warranty services.  What our team doesn’t catch, our service department will. Go for a run, catch the game on TV, or grab the kids and go see a movie, because you won’t have to worry about being out in the yard irrigating, replacing or monitoring anything. 

We have incorporated every phase of lawn irrigation so that you can enjoy more and work less. To learn more about our residentialirrigation system services or to schedule a free consultation, call John Minor of Irrigation & Lighting Specialist at 877-433-5833 or email John. We look forward to designing the lawn that will really accentuate your house, at less of a hassle to you!   

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