Tuesday, May 27, 2014

6 Creative Outdoor Lighting Ideas

We’ve all seen standard outdoor lighting. Traditional designs provide a great starting point, but sometimes an outdoor space needs a little bit of extra creativity. In addition to their eye-catching appearance, some creative designs add functionality you wouldn’t usually have. Some fixtures are lightweight and portable while others can even float on water!

“We like to keep our customers informed about the latest trends in outdoor lighting. There are some light fixtures you just don’t see every day,” said John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. “Nothing can spark a conversation at get-togethers quite like a unique outdoor lighting piece.”

To give you some ideas for outdoor lighting, our experts have put together a list of some standout outdoor lighting fixtures.

Log Seat Campfire Lights

Photo From: DesignYouTrust.com
Place these tree stump seat lights around a fire pit and watch your guest's eyes light up. During the day when not lit, these seats look like perfectly cut trees. They give a nice wooded, campsite feel to your yard.

Arching Outdoor Lighting

Photo From: 2modern.com
Have you ever seen the St. Louis Arch? It looks majestic when lit up at night. Put a (much smaller) version in your outdoor space. When placed over a table, it provides functional light while you eat and entertain friends. 

Solar Powered Globe Lights

Photo From: Fancy.com
These solar powered globe lights can be placed anywhere outside. Since they are powered by the sun, a clear day should charge the battery enough to last around 12 hours.

The globe lights even float on water, adding an element of fun for kids. Simply ensure the bottom battery latch is secured tightly and you’re ready to swim! These lights are among the most unique outdoor lighting options we’ve seen!

Umbrella Light

Photo From: Interiordesignables.com
Put this umbrella on your outdoor table or bar to stay dry and well lit. The bulbs are attached to the umbrella supports and provide a small amount of overhead light. You can also keep it open during the day to provide shade!

Shadow Design Lights

Photo From: Houzz.com
During the day, the metal exterior provides a neat design. But, nighttime is when these lights really stand out. When lit, the shadows from the metal exterior create remarkable patterns on your walkway. 

Pac-Man Lighting

Photo From: Globalgeeknews.com
Pac-Man lights aren’t intended for everyday use, but are sure to be a hit at your next outdoor party or holiday celebration. The lights are traditional round bulb lights intended for overhead attachment. Simply attach or detach the ghost piece and Pac-Man piece as necessary.

“Of course, any of these pieces will look out of place if a traditional outdoor lighting system is not installed already. These unique fixtures are intended to be accent lights and conversation starters,” said Minor. “We would love to get you started with a professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting system, so you can begin having fun adding these unique accent lights.”

To learn more about how Irrigation and Lighting Specialist can get you started with your new outdoor lighting system, e-mail John or call 704-747-0235. We look forward to bringing light to your nights this summer.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Drip Irrigation System: [Part 2] What are the Benefits?

Drip irrigation systems offer benefits traditional irrigation systems do not. |- rrigation and Lighting Specialist
 A drip irrigation system is an underground arrangement of tubes that delivers water to the plant’s roots. In part one, we discussed how these systems work and the different features that are available. In part two, we will outline how a drip irrigation system offers homeowners different benefits than a traditional irrigation system.

“Think of drip irrigation like a dart board. Traditional irrigation may hit the mark several times, but there are still some darts that miss the bullseye. Drip irrigation hits the bullseye every single time,” said John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. “Water is fed directly to the roots continuously and evenly, ensuring your plants are always receiving the right amount of water.”

Our experts have outlined the main benefits a drip irrigation system provides:

  1. Accuracy – Drip irrigation systems are extremely accurate. The emitters and openings in the drip tubing can be customized to sit directly next to each plant’s roots. The water is distributed exactly where it is needed.
  2. Reduces Diseases – Stagnant, pooled water on the ground and on your plant’s leaves foster an environment for mold and disease. These unwanted growths can damage and even kill your plant. Drip irrigation systems distribute the water directly to the plant’s roots, eliminating stagnant surface water.
  3. Time Saver – Don’t spend time attempting to evenly water your plants. The system guarantees even watering every time.
  4. Efficiency – 30 to 50% of water can be saved by a drip irrigation system. Top-soil water evaporation is eliminated and over-watering is prevented.
  5. Versatility - Your drip irrigation system can be customized with safety valves, lateral tubes and emitters that can be tailored to fit your exact needs. Additionally, there is no need to level your terrain. These systems can be installed almost anywhere to water almost anything.
  6. Decreased Fertilizer Costs - Micro-doses of fertilizer can automatically be applied to your plants through the irrigation system. Small doses are applied at an almost constant rate to provide the plant with all of the nutrients it needs to be healthy.
  7. Improved Environmental Effects – Under-soil application of water and fertilizer reduces runoff as well as the amount of water needed, whereas traditional methods lose some water through evaporation.
  8. Discourages Weeds – Areas between plants are typical problem spots for weed growth. Weeds feed off of the nutrients that could be going to your plant. Since water goes directly to your plant’s roots and nowhere else, your drip irrigation system can help reduce the amount of weed growth.

“Our team will custom design and install a drip irrigation system to best suit your garden and landscape. With nearly 30 years of irrigation installation experience, we can fulfill any customer’s needs,” said Minor.

To take advantage of the benefits a
drip irrigation system provides, talk to the experts at Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. To contact us with any questions or to schedule a consultation, please e-mail John or call 704-747-0235.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Drip Irrigation System: [Part 1] How Does it Work?

Irrigation and Lighting Specialist has offered drip irrigation system design for nearly 30 years. A drip irrigation system is a series of underground tubes that supply slow, constant water to the roots of plants. Drip irrigation applies precise amounts of moisture exactly where it is needed.

“Drip irrigation systems are different from traditional irrigation methods,” said John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. “With drip irrigation, water is fed underground directly to the roots. With traditional irrigation, water is distributed above ground and soaks into the soil. Many of our customers aren’t aware of this other method and the advantages it can provide.”

Since drip irrigation systems are different than traditional irrigation and lawn sprinklers, we have put together an overview of its design to outline the distinctions.

Features of Drip Irrigation Systems
Valves – The valve is located at the top of the piping. This feature manually controls when water is flowing or turned off.

Backflow Preventer  A backflow preventer is critical in protecting your health and safety. This feature prevents dirt, salmonella or any other materials from getting sucked back up the tube and into your drinking water.

Pressure Reducing Valve – A pressure reducing valve does exactly what it says; it reduces the water pressure to keep it flowing at a constant level.

Water Filter – The water filter is a highly recommended feature in drip irrigation systems. It prevents large particles and any harmful substances from reaching your plant’s roots. Not only does it help plant health by providing clean water, it prevents build up and blockages in the tubing by filtering out large particulates.

Drip Tubing  The drip tubing carries your water to the desired watering area. There are openings in the tube to install drip emitters.

Drip emitters are a crucial feature in drip irrigation system design.
Drip Emitters – Drip emitters screw or snap into the drip tube and determine how quickly water is released from the tube. Different emitters can be installed based on your needs. The plant type, local rainfall amounts and many other factors determine which emitters are necessary.

End Cap – The end cap is placed at the end of the drip tube. This stops water from flowing out of the line. It can be removed to flush out any blockages or particulates built up within the tube.

“We have outlined the basics of drip irrigation system design, but each part offers different advantages and disadvantages. There are several types of valves, drip tubing and drip emitters,” said Minor. “We want to make sure our customers get exactly what they need out of their drip irrigation. We love to discuss the options these systems offer with our customers to best suit their needs.”

We have been installing irrigation systems for nearly 30 years and have served customers with a variety of needs. Our installation experts will custom design an irrigation system for each customer’s requirements.

Designing and installing a drip irrigation system can be complicated. Let the experts at Irrigation and Lighting Specialist handle it for you. To contact us with any questions or to schedule a consultation, please e-mail John or call 704-747-0235.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Charlotte Irrigation Companies - Connect With The Leader

Irrigation and Lighting Specialist is the leader among Charlotte irrigation companiesCharlotte irrigation companies are making an effort to utilize social media. Irrigation and
Lighting Specialist has been at the forefront of this movement. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality solutions for their irrigation and lighting needs, and social media is a significant part of that.

“We love hearing feedback from our customers. Whether it’s questions, comments or just thanks for a job well done, our customers' thoughts are extremely important to us,” said John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist.

What can you expect when you follow us on our social media accounts? Listed below is our most recently created content:

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If you water your grass too little, the seeds dry out. If you water your grass too much, the seeds rot. We offer several useful tips for when you plant your new grass seed this spring. We also tell you what type of grass grows best in Charlotte’s climate.

Eco-Friendly Lawn Irrigation and Outdoor Lighting Tips

Most customers are concerned with their impact on the environment. Even more customers are worried about additional water and energy costs. Our experts compiled a list of the best eco-friendly lawn irrigation practices to save the earth and to save money.

Repairs you Should Check for in the Spring

Unnoticed problems within your irrigation system can lead to ineffective watering sessions and wasted money. You may be unaware that you have blocked, tilted or sunken sprinkler heads. In addition, you might have clogged nozzles or leaking valves. We tell you what to look for and offer assistance in helping you resolve these issues.

Garden Watering Tips and Advice

It can be difficult to know how much water to apply to your garden when humidity and sunlight vary each day. What plant types need more water than others? We tell you what to look for and how to solve these problems.

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