Monday, April 28, 2014

Outdoor Security Lighting: Why It Works & How to Use It

Outdoor security lighting: why it works and how to utilize itOutdoor security lighting can be the difference between a criminal targeting your property or passing it by. Intruders love to focus on properties with dark, low-lit areas where they can not be seen.

“There are an estimated 20,000 burglary crimes in the Charlotte area each year,” said John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. “Many of those crimes could have been prevented if outdoor security lighting was present.”

To help protect our community, our experts share how outdoor security lighting can improve your home's security and offer a few tips to ensure your property is safe from intruders.

Security for you – Insecurity for the Intruder

Criminals look to target areas with no lighting. They feel more safe knowing they can’t be seen. Illuminating a potential intruder can make them feel exposed and insecure.

If you are home, you will be able to see the criminal and alert the police. If you are not home, your neighbors or passersby will be more able to see and report suspicious activity. Outdoor security lighting doesn’t guarantee crime prevention, but it does act as a powerful crime deterrent.

Make Your Outdoor Security Lighting Tamper-Proof

A determined intruder may try to damage your light fixtures or bulbs in order to create a dark area to gain access to your property. There are two options for lighting damage prevention:

1. Install the fixture out of reach. 10 feet or over should be sufficient. Most burglars won’t carry ladders, and if they do, they will be spotted very quickly.

2. Buy tamper-proof lights or place mesh wiring over sensitive areas of the light.

Lower Brightness is More Effective

Many medium powered light fixtures are more effective than a few high powered ones. Several medium powered lights provide more even property coverage, which reduces the amount of dark areas. On top of being less aesthetically pleasing, high-powered lights can produce glare and make it difficult to see an intruder in detail.

Motion Detecting Lights
Why outdoor security lighting works and how to use it

Any outdoor security lighting system should have at least one motion detecting light. There may be nothing more alarming for a criminal than to be suddenly illuminated. It gives the illusion that someone is aware of their presence and has turned a light on to see them. It will most likely send them running away from your property.

Motion detecting lights should be placed near any doors, windows or other entryways around your home or business. Intruders may feel too exposed to pick a lock or climb through a window if they are under the light.

“We believe motion detecting lights are the backbone of any good outdoor security lighting system. That’s why we offer so many different options. On top of being a great tool for home security, they’re extremely energy efficient,” said Minor.

Install to Several Circuits – Not Just One

Install different lights to different circuits. If the entire lighting system is run through one circuit, a tripped circuit breaker shuts down every light. If sections of the system are assigned to different circuits, a tripped circuit will only affect one area.

“Sometimes customers envision outdoor security lighting looking bright and ugly. Our installation techniques and careful fixture placement ensure we add a pleasing aesthetic element to your home,” said Minor. “We offer plenty of fixtures that provide both security and style.”

Talk to our outdoor security lighting experts to learn more or to discuss your options. Irrigation and Lighting Specialist looks forward to helping you keep your property safe and secure. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please e-mail John or call 704-747-0235.