Tuesday, May 27, 2014

6 Creative Outdoor Lighting Ideas

We’ve all seen standard outdoor lighting. Traditional designs provide a great starting point, but sometimes an outdoor space needs a little bit of extra creativity. In addition to their eye-catching appearance, some creative designs add functionality you wouldn’t usually have. Some fixtures are lightweight and portable while others can even float on water!

“We like to keep our customers informed about the latest trends in outdoor lighting. There are some light fixtures you just don’t see every day,” said John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. “Nothing can spark a conversation at get-togethers quite like a unique outdoor lighting piece.”

To give you some ideas for outdoor lighting, our experts have put together a list of some standout outdoor lighting fixtures.

Log Seat Campfire Lights

Photo From: DesignYouTrust.com
Place these tree stump seat lights around a fire pit and watch your guest's eyes light up. During the day when not lit, these seats look like perfectly cut trees. They give a nice wooded, campsite feel to your yard.

Arching Outdoor Lighting

Photo From: 2modern.com
Have you ever seen the St. Louis Arch? It looks majestic when lit up at night. Put a (much smaller) version in your outdoor space. When placed over a table, it provides functional light while you eat and entertain friends. 

Solar Powered Globe Lights

Photo From: Fancy.com
These solar powered globe lights can be placed anywhere outside. Since they are powered by the sun, a clear day should charge the battery enough to last around 12 hours.

The globe lights even float on water, adding an element of fun for kids. Simply ensure the bottom battery latch is secured tightly and you’re ready to swim! These lights are among the most unique outdoor lighting options we’ve seen!

Umbrella Light

Photo From: Interiordesignables.com
Put this umbrella on your outdoor table or bar to stay dry and well lit. The bulbs are attached to the umbrella supports and provide a small amount of overhead light. You can also keep it open during the day to provide shade!

Shadow Design Lights

Photo From: Houzz.com
During the day, the metal exterior provides a neat design. But, nighttime is when these lights really stand out. When lit, the shadows from the metal exterior create remarkable patterns on your walkway. 

Pac-Man Lighting

Photo From: Globalgeeknews.com
Pac-Man lights aren’t intended for everyday use, but are sure to be a hit at your next outdoor party or holiday celebration. The lights are traditional round bulb lights intended for overhead attachment. Simply attach or detach the ghost piece and Pac-Man piece as necessary.

“Of course, any of these pieces will look out of place if a traditional outdoor lighting system is not installed already. These unique fixtures are intended to be accent lights and conversation starters,” said Minor. “We would love to get you started with a professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting system, so you can begin having fun adding these unique accent lights.”

To learn more about how Irrigation and Lighting Specialist can get you started with your new outdoor lighting system, e-mail John or call 704-747-0235. We look forward to bringing light to your nights this summer.