Friday, April 26, 2013

Summer Lawn Irrigation and Water Conservation in Charlotte

To save on your water use, adjust your water sprinkler system so that water is reaching only your lawn.
Summer weather is quickly approaching, so for many lawns that means extreme heat and potential drought. These conditions can make it hard for your lawn to reach a healthy appearance. Irrigation & Lighting Specialist wants you to know there are ways to ensure your lawn irrigation successfully survives the intense summer heat, while conserving water at the same time!

"It's common for people to over water their lawns during extremely hot days, when homeowners should only water their lawns when they need it," says John Minor of Irrigation & Lighting Specialist. "The easiest way to know when your lawn needs water is by simply looking at it. That way you're watering in a way that allows your lawn's roots to penetrate deeper into the soil where moisture resides."

Summer Lawn Care Tips for Hot Weather with Less Water

Below are a few tips to help you use less water when caring for your lawn during hot summer heats:
  1. Time Your Watering - Early morning (5:00am - 10:00am) is the optimal time to water your lawn. This allows plants to absorb water before the midday sun evaporates all the moisture in the soil.
  2. Water What Grows - Adjust your sprinklers often to ensure that water is reaching your lawn and landscape at all times, not a mailbox, car parked next to your lawn, or the sidewalk. Misguided watering systems waste water and do not get vital water to your thirsty lawn.
  3. Remove Weeds - As soon as you see any plants resembling weeds, remove them. They are responsible for absorbing moisture that's in the soil for your lawn.
  4. No Force Fertilizing - Feed your lawn in cooler temperatures. Fertilizing your lawn is most effective before your lawn has established root systems. Adding fertilizer to already heat-strained lawns accelerates heat related stress on lawns.
  5. Mow Lawns High - Grass that grows taller above ground has deeper roots. Deeper roots are more drought-resistant, and less likely to become a victim to various insects or diseases.
  6. Do Your Research - There are over 9,000 species of grass. Before you invest time and money into your lawn this summer, take some time to understand what kind of grass you have. Different types of grass require different amounts of watering. 
Irrigation & Lighting Specialist's Smart Controllers are a great way to save up to 60% in your monthly water use!Maximizing your water efficiency is critical during the summer months both for your lawn and your wallet. Just because it is hot, doesn't mean you have to spend hours watering your lawn.

With Irrigation & Lighting Specialist's Smart Controllers, the watering aspect of lawn care is taken care of. Our systems not only water your lawn for you, but they also save you up to 60% in water! The Smart Controller system is a revolutionary irrigation technology that only applies water as needed to lawns and landscapes. 

To learn more water conservation tips for your lawn irrigation and landscape during the hot summer temperatures, or to schedule a free consultation, call John Minor with Irrigation & Lighting Specialist at 877-433-5833 or email John. We look forward to helping you conserve water, while attaining a lush healthy lawn!

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