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Benefits of Professional Outdoor Lighting Installation

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Ensuring the exterior of your house is just as beautiful as the interior is something all homeowners strive to do. Some invest in landscaping projects, while others concentrate on adding architectural details to the home's facade. However, they all share one thing in common - they want a beautiful home that is welcoming.

A project homeowners often overlook is adding professional outdoor lighting. When done correctly, outdoor lighting can make your home stand out and shine like a jewel once the sun goes down. In addition to the cosmetic advantages, this project also increases your property value and gives your home increased security. 

"A strong landscape lighting design is the ultimate combination of form and function," says John Minor, owner of Irrigation & Lighting Specialists. "When you hire a qualified contractor to design and install your lighting, you're doing more than simply adding some pretty lights. You are investing in your property."

Major Benefits of Professional Outdoor Lighting

It may seem like a good idea to handle the install yourself, but outdoor lighting is more than a weekend project - it is an art form. Our staff has the experience to ensure your home gets the beauty and functionality it deserves. Some of the major benefits of professional outdoor lighting include:
  • The "Wow" Factor - It is no longer acceptable to just hang a bulb outside your window. Today's outdoor lighting perspectives create a strong visual presence. Adding a dramatic overhead light or illuminated water features add that "wow" factor to your property and highlight attractive landscaping that already exists. 
  • Security - It is common knowledge that a well lit house can keep your home safe from burglars. It can also help you and your family safely move around your property at night. Illuminated walkways and walls can help you avoid trip hazards. They also create a safe and cozy atmosphere for you to entertain in. 
  • Uniqueness - Having a custom outdoor lighting plan can showcase your house in beautiful yet subtle ways. A professionally designed lighting scheme can use light to accentuate your home's most beautiful elements and make your house stand out.
  • Function - Charlotte provides excellent weather for outdoor entertaining, and landscape lighting can allow you to enjoy your outdoor living spaces well after dark. Custom lighting perspectives can also be used to create 'mood lighting' for your guests. 
  • Go Green - Knowing when you can use certain lighting types and how to get the most out of its location can help you save on the power bill. When installed right, low-voltage lights and solar lights can illuminate up your house while keeping costs at a minimum. 
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"Professionally installed outdoor lighting can do wonders for a home," says Minor. "Hiring a professional gives you access to ideas and materials you may not have known existed, opening up a world of possibilities. Professional installs also look more organic than most DIY kits you purchase from home improvement stores. In the end, you can't go wrong with a professional outdoor lighting design." 

To find out how professional outdoor lighting installations can bring you the ultimate combination of beauty and function, call John Minor with Irrigation & Lighting Specialists at 877-433-5833 or email John. We love helping Charlotte homeowners discover new ways to add beauty and function to their homes!

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