Friday, July 26, 2013

Smart Lawn Irrigation Systems: Technologies that Use Water Efficiently

July is Smart Irrigation Month, and the start of summer is a great time to improve the efficiency of your irrigation system. There are many smart technologies available that will allow you to maintain beautiful landscapes while maximizing water efficiency.

"Going green has never been easier than with an irrigation system that uses water-saving technology," says John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialists. "The advances in irrigation technology has been great to see, and it has done a lot for water conservation efforts. In addition to protecting the environment, these devices also help save you money by reducing your water bill."

Water Saving Devices for your Irrigation System 

If you are interested in saving water and money, here are some devices that can help: 
  • Rain/Freeze Senors - These devices prevent irrigation systems from running when it is raining and right after excessive when irrigation is unnecessary. They also have the ability to stop irrigation when temperatures approach freezing to prevent ice on landscapes and hardscapes. These devices can reduce water usage up to 35 percent and help extend your irrigation system's life. 
  • Weather-based Controllers - These types of smart controllers can automatically adjust your watering schedule based on local weather conditions. Some even factor in your exact landscaping needs based on the type of plant life you have. The water savings from this device can be substantial, and the convenience of these self-adjusting controllers is a gift in itself. 
  • Sensor-based Controllers - These smart controllers rely on soil moisture sensors that are placed below your lawn in the root zones to determine if and how long to water. Soils may be maintained between lower and upper target-moisture levels for optimal plant health. Water-based and sensor-based controllers are available as stand-alone controllers or as an add-on to existing controllers. Each has been shown to reduce irrigation water usage up to 70 percent. 
  • Pressure Regulation - All irrigation systems operate best at a certain water pressure. Using the ideal pressure allows water distribution to be uniform over the target area. That allows shorter run times for your irrigation system. Reducing high pressure also eliminates problems like misting sprinklers and potential irrigation system damage. For every 5-point reduction in water pressure, you use 6 to 8 percent less water. Those savings can add up quickly. Water pressure regulators are easily added to valves to control a whole irrigation zone or added to individual sprinklers. 
  • Low Precipitation Rate Nozzles - Many quality sprinkler nozzles on the market today use lower precipitation rates to reduce run-off. They also improve water distribution uniformity, which is very important when trying to reduce watering run times. 
  • Drip Irrigation - These systems are very different from the traditional pop-up irrigation systems. Rather than spraying wide areas, they generally utilize point emitters to deliver the desired amount of water to particular locations near plant root zones. Water drips slowly from emitters, either onto the soil surface or below ground. Less water is lost to wind and evaporation as a result, and weeds can be reduced. Drip irrigation systems are very water-efficent and customizable for different plants in a small area. 
"All of these water-efficient products can reduce water use and your water bills without sacrificing plant and landscape health," says Minor. "You can still enjoy all the benefits associated with attractive and enjoyable landscapes while helping conserve a precious natural resource." 

To learn more about water-saving irrigation system features, or to schedule an appointment, call John Minor at Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 877-433-5833 or email John. We love helping our customers reach the state of a healthy, vibrant lawn while saving water and money!

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  1. Going green looks really easy with these effective devices that can conserve water in a big way. Was checking online for irrigation sprinklers when i found this blog. so glad i did.