Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Charlotte's Early Spring Irrigation and Lawn Care Guide

March is here! In addition to warm(er) weather, budding plants and buzzing insects, this season also brings homeowners that want to get a jump start on their lawn care for the spring and summer months. But, before you march into your lawn and start beautifying, you'll want to read this guide for early spring Charlotte irrigation and lawn care.

"The mild temperatures and rainfall our region gets during March and April make it a great time for lawn work," said John Minor of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "But you have to be careful what you do and what you don't do. Your lawn is coming out of hibernation, and it is important that it receives the nutrients it needs to flourish all summer long."

2014 Charlotte Irrigation and Lawn Care Guide

The early bird gets the worm, this is even true when it comes to lawn care, but before you roll up your sleeves, you need to know these dos and don'ts for your lawn's early spring startup. 
  • Test Lawn's pH - You should professionally test your lawn's pH level every 2-3 years. This will let you know what minerals your lawn needs. 
  • Lime Time - Depending on your lawn's pH level, you may need to apply some lime to your lawn. March is a great time to apply lime, and it will really help your grass grow. 
  • Light Fertilization - Go light with the fertilizer during this time of the year. Save the larger doses a bit later in the season, after the initial growth rush. 
  • Raise Your Mower Blades - Don't mow your grass too short. It will grow best with your blades about two inches or higher, so keep your blades raised for your first couple of cuts. 
  • Irrigation Startup - Now is the time to get your irrigation system ready for summer. Irrigation and Lighting Specialist is currently offering early spring season pricing for many of their Charlotte irrigation services. 
  • Don't Spray for Insects Yet - Most insects life cycles don't start until after March, due to cold weather. This task can usually wait until April or May. 
"When it comes to your lawn, remember that every lawn is different, and each needs special attention to detail," said Minor. "Each lawn requires specific watering networks, which we systematically map out to fit your lawn's needs." 

By following this simple guide to early spring irrigation and lawn care, your lawn will be green and healthy all summer long. 

To learn more about our Charlotte irrigation services or to schedule your spring startup service, contact John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 877-433-5833 or email John. We look forward to helping you produce a beautiful and healthy lawn this year! 

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