Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Popular Spring Outdoor Lighting Projects in Charlotte

As the spring season arrives and the weather warms up, homeowners are becoming more active around their homes. Annual spring cleanings and landscaping projects are pulling people out of their winter hibernation and into a spring time frenzy.

During this time of year, homeowners start looking for the latest trends in home improvement projects. From decorating to gardening and painting, they are always looking for the latest style and feel of the season. One of the most popular home improvements projects of 2014 is outdoor lighting in Charlotte.
"Outdoor lighting projects are very popular for 2014," said John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "Homeowners are well aware of the benefits and property value that outdoor lighting can bring to their homes, and it will be a service that is in high demand this year."

Top Four Outdoor Lighting Projects in Charlotte

Before the summer heat rolls in, here are the most popular outdoor lighting projects you should consider tackling this spring. 
  1. Deck Lighting - What's better than sitting on your deck on a nice summer day? With deck lighting, this relaxing scene doesn't have to end once the sun goes down. You can even transform your deck into an exterior dining room. 
  2. Pool Lighting - Late night dip in the pool anybody? By adding lighting to your pool area, you can create the perfect environment for entertaining and add a safety feature. The right lighting can make your pool an oasis for your summer. We even do underwater lighting! 
  3. Pathway Lighting - Light up your driveway, walkway or garden path with tasteful outdoor lighting. This can add a beautiful and subtle touch to the exterior of your home and help you navigate your landscape at night. 
  4. Security Lighting - Did you know that crime is more prevalent during the summer months than it is in the winter? Help protect your property this year with properly placed security lighting, a timer and/or motion detectors. 
"At Irrigation and Lighting Specialist, we handle a large variety of outdoor lighting projects, and we are current on all the latest styles and equipment," said Minor. "When we design outdoor lighting, we make sure it is attractive, practical and functional."

Discounted Early Season Pricing

Discounted early season pricing is currently in effect for installation of irrigation and outdoor accent lighting systems from Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. We can install new or convert existing lightings to LED lighting. This special pricing is only offered for a limited time, so give us a call today at 704-747-0235 or email John. We do the best outdoor lighting in Charlotte!

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