Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Successful Story of Charlotte Irrigation Installation

For more than 25 years, Irrigation and Lighting Specialist has provided elite solutions to the lawn irrigation needs of homeowners all over Charlotte. Over the years we have taken pride in helping our customers discover the numerous benefits of a Charlotte irrigation installation, and this summer was no different.

Meet the Limericks

The Limerick family moved to Charlotte from Phoenix, Arizona last winter. Like most Charlotte transplants, they fell in love with the weather and the natural beauty of the city. But, after settling in their home and enjoying a nice winter, the Limericks noticed a big difference in owning a home in the desert-like climate of Arizona and the milder climate of North Carolina, the lawn. 

"We didn't have a grassed lawn at our home in Phoenix, and I didn't know anything about maintaining a lawn before we moved," said Charlie Limerick. "I figured the grass just took care of itself, but I was obviously wrong." 

Once spring came around, the Limerick's green grass started to brown. After searching the web, visiting the local hardware store and asking his neighbor for advice, they still had no idea what was causing their lawn to look so unhealthy. That's when they decided to call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. 

Charlotte Irrigation Installation Saves the Day

After examining the Limericks' lawn, it became obvious that their grass was not getting enough water. There were several large trees throughout the lawn, and the grass underneath the trees weren't able to be properly hydrated, causing the grass to turn brown.

To fix the problem and to restore the health of their grass, the Limericks decided to get an irrigation system installed by the professionals at Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. The system that was installed was customized to the exact needs of their lawn, and the sprinkler heads were properly placed to ensure enough water was being disbursed under the trees. 

"I am really happy that I decided to call Irrigation and Lighting Specialist," said Charlie. "They made sure that my entire yard was getting the water coverage it needed to stay healthy. They even equipped my system with a smart controller, so the irrigation system practically runs itself. Now my lawn is the healthiest on the block."

To join the Limericks and to discover the advantages of a Charlotte irrigation installation, call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 704-747-0235 or 803-831-0506 or email John. We look forward to adding you to our list of happy customers! 

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