Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall for Charlotte Irrigation Installations this Season

Fall is right around the corner. In addition to football, colored leaves and pumpkin flavored treats, the season is also the best time to plant grass and to get a Charlotte irrigation installation.

"It is a common misconception that spring or summer is the ideal time to address the needs of your lawn," said John Minor, owner of Irrigation Lighting Specialist. "In actuality, the late summer and fall months are the best. Months like September and October present the best growing conditions for your grass." 

This time of the year brings a combination of conditions that are ideal for your grass. You get cooler temperatures, plenty of sunshine, the soil is warm enough to germinate grass seeds and the cool air promotes a strong root system. With the help of an adequate irrigation system, the work you put into your lawn will really pay off in the spring.

The Right Way to Irrigate Your Lawn

While taking advantage of this growing time, it is important to remember to hydrate your lawn. Whether you are planting seed to thicken your current lawn or planting a new patch of grass, water is essential to any growing process. To ensure your irrigating you are lawn correctly, here are a few tips. 
  • Watering Basics - Water is one of the most important factors to a healthy lawn, but too much or too little can harm it. You want deep, infrequent waterings that get into the root zone. As a rule of thumb, water at least half an inch twice a week.  
  • Best Time to Water - Early in the morning is the perfect time to water Charlotte lawns. There's less wind, less heat and your lawn has a full day to dry. Watering at night invites mildew and fungus, and watering in the hot afternoon can cause you to lose the majority of your water to evaporation.
  • Use the Screwdriver Test - You can water carefully and properly, but if the water isn't being absorbed, your efforts are wasted. One way to tell if your water is being absorb properly is by testing it. Stick an 8-inch screw driver into the ground after you water it. If you are able to stick it in effortlessly around 6-inches, you are providing enough water. 
  • Head-to-Head Coverage - An irrigation system that is properly designed should provide water coverage that overlaps. The water distributed from your sprinkler heads should reach the heads across and beside them. This reduces water wastage and helps your lawn get enough water. Hiring a professional for a lawn irrigation installation is the best way to ensure that this is properly done. 
  • Be Accurate - How do you know how much you've watered? You can equip your irrigation system with a smart irrigation controller. This device automatically determines when your yard will be watered, how long it will be watered for and it automatically cuts your system off it it rains. Installing a smart irrigation controller is the easiest way to manage your lawn. 
"While the temperatures during this time of the year are ideal for planting grass, September tends to be one of the dryer months in the Charlotte region," said Minor. "Since there usually isn't a lot of rainfall, it is important to have a professional irrigation company install an irrigation system to help your grass grow to its fullest potential." 

To learn more about proper lawn irrigation or to schedule an appointment, call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 877-433-5833 or email John. Let us help you with your Charlotte irrigation installation so you can enjoy a heathy lawn in the spring! 

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